Small Talk....with Tania Van Der Stap

We have asked multiple #safetysisters and #malechampions the same questions, and we want to share their stories, their highs and lows with you. Meet Tania! Why do you work in Health and Safety? Authenticity. The profession provides synchronicity between who I am as a person and the work that I do. At a deeper level, the vocation is driven by sanctity of life and preservation of quality of life. These are values that nurture inner care and concern for others with mutual engagement of hearts. The diversity of the discipline from psychology to engineering to operational risk management, provides an expanse of professional learning much greater than most other professions. The opportunities for

Small Talk....with Shay Wielders

We have asked multiple #safetysisters and #malechampions the same questions, and we want to share their stories, their highs and lows with you. Meet Shay! Why do you work in Health and Safety? What initially fed my passion for safety was working in the industry at a time before 'zero harm' or 'safety culture' were relevant. As a single mum I was often confronted when tasks around me were performed by taking short cuts and disregard for procedures. I worried about something happening to me and my girls being left without a mother. I made it my personal obligation to never work unsafely or let my work mates do any task without following procedures. I soon earned the nickname Safety Shay and s

Julia Kunlo Promoted to Vice President of Evolution Safety Resources

We have recently been in contact with a young, vibrant #safetysister in North Carolina. Julia has drive, passion and motivation to create a safer world! See the press release below to inspire you a littler further!!!! Evolution Safety Resources (ESR), a safety consultation firm based in Raleigh, has promoted Julia Kunlo to the role of Vice President. Working as the Director of Client Relations since ESR’s inception last year, Julia was instrumental in establishing the start-up company in the Carolina markets while expanding services across the United States and internationally. As a 26-year-old, Julia credits her early success to a combination of strategic risk taking, valuable mentorships,

A true male champion of change

Recently, Keith reached out to Women in Safety asking how he could be more involved as a true advocate and male champion of change in the Health and Safety industry. I asked Keith what makes him want to be involved and what drives him to be a male champion of change....his response...well I have just copied and pasted (with his permission) below to share. You will see from the response that his passion is incredible!! This is why I do what I do, and enjoy connecting, collaborating and sharing conversations! Dear Alanna, We all have amazing female mentors in our lives. For some of us they are family (grandmothers, mothers, aunts, cousins and sisters) for others; school friends or it begins i

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