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Meet Alanna


Hi, I'm Alanna, the Founder of Women in Safety. I am a true believer in the saying 'your network is your net worth' and that collaboration is the key to any successful career.
As a female health and safety professional, I craved an authentic, values lead community to share ideas and ask crazy here it is!

Alanna Ball is an international speaker, business owner and women in health and safety advocate. Alanna has held a career in both human resources, health and safety and now runs her own consultancy alongside the professional network.
Since inception, Alanna wanted to hold space for authentic, values driven conversations to genuinely make change in health and safety. She now speaks in Australia and Internationally on creating a thriving community, driving change through leadership and advocating for women in every organisation.

She is a passionate working mum to three small humans and works hard to create a better future for everyone.

Tune in to hear Alanna chat!


Alanna Ball is a serial podcast guest!! Sharing stories is such an important part of her role and she loves being able to share a story or two! Check out all the podcasts over here!! 
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Career Coaching

Alanna works with women in health and safety in a one on way way!



Whether looking for your next keynote speaker, workshop facilitator or MC, Alanna has you covered!


WHS Support

Don't be overwhelmed by information or changes to legislation. If you just need a quick chat on how to overcome a challenge, give Alanna a call!

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