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Women in Safety is a network designed to encourage women working as safety professionals to discuss issues, barriers and to help each other grow and learn.

Think "professional community with a LOT of fun"!


Our 2023 Committee

The Women in Safety Committee is a dedicated group to bring to life our events, share their stories, engage with members and sponsors and help drive change to the profession.

We believe in collaboration and what better way than our existing members to bring fresh ideas, insight and community together!

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Abby Ford

Abby is our inaugral Empowered Member of the year and is a glowing advocate for Women in Safety around the globe. Abby brings her leadership, inspiration and excitement to the committee.

Renee Dawson.png

Renee Dawson

Renee brings her leadership, practical application of business as well as a keen interest in connection, learning and growth mindset. Renee brings her continual improvement lense to the committee

Barb 1.jpg

Barbara Cooper

Barbara is an outcome focused and highly versatile professional that brings leadership, a passion to make change and mentoring to the committee


Miki Pavic

Miki brings extensive and diverse experience in health and safety alongside a passion for making lasting change to the committee. Miki loves the opportunity to grow, learn and inspire!

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Our Industry Partners



We believe through empowering our members and businesses we can help create safer and healthier workplaces around the world.



Through professional and personal development, we can transform the way people think and work. Women in Safety help women around the world reach their career potential.



We share stories of the good times, the hard times, the challenges and the triumphs. We lead for ourselves and for others. Become inspired!

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