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Be Empowered

A professional membership designed to empower, inspire and transform your career, improve positive relationships amongst peers and thrive TOGETHER

  • Women working in health and safety who are ready to grow to the next level

  • You find it hard to network in other environments

  • You crave authentic conversations

  • You like building you skills with other incredible humans

  • You share in brave conversations to make a difference

  • You care about sharing ideas, concepts and fun!!

Who is Empowered Membership for?


Another membership?!

For years we offered our events and our community without any structure or membership. With such a growing tribe of amazing professionals, we saw the need to give YOU some structure to empower, inspire and transform you from one place in your career to the next.

I never want people to feel alone in their journey, and having this membership allows us to connect and get through the good and the bad together.