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Wednesday 5th October 2022
08:45am - 3:00pm (AEST)

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Summit Ticket $74.90

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Join us as we discuss solutions to the unique challenges faced by women in the health and safety community.  Offering an agenda packed with industry presentations and panel discussions featuring expert speakers, this event will provide inspiration and ideas to inspire you in your career.

 Our second Virtual Summit is designed to bring you interesting speakers topics and tangigble actions for you to consider and implement. We focus so much of safe work month on educating and empowering our workforce, yet forget our own development and inspiration. Join us for a day full of fun, inspiration and empowering your career!

5 sessions and 5 inspiring conversations! The sessions will be recorded and sent to ticket holders at the end of the event.


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Opening Keynote - Post Dreamworld Risk Outlook

Aaron Guilfoyle is Special Counsel at MacDonnells Law. In 2019, Aaron was appointed as Queensland's inaugural independent Work Health and Safety Prosecutor. In that role, Aaron led the successful Dreamworld prosecution and secured convictions in Australia's first Industrial Manslaughter prosecution. He will take us through his journey from his role as Prosecutor to Law Firm and his views on the risk outlook in the current environment.

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Closing Keynote - The Hero Code

Sarah Gamble is the Chief Operating Officer of Fusion Safety.  Much of the focus on safety is around safety management systems and risk assessments, leading to structures and processes that control the work environment. Often, the way people work together is not formally considered; human interaction is overlooked and may lead to workplace cultures that are below standard. Sarah talks us through Fusion Safety's Hero Code Program and their approach!


Panel - Mental Health in the Workplace. How far have we come?

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A panel discussion from three experts with very different lenses to mental health in the workplace.


We are chatting with


Dr Laura Kirby (Chief Mental Health Officer at Commonwealth Bank) from the insights of internal mental health officer


Dr Dave Anthony (Co-Founder/CEO of Mantle)  insights he is seeing clinically and across sectors

Mr Andrew Toyer (EHS Manager at EY) insights from EY dealing with varying clients trying to implement mental health programs



We dive deep into have we made progress? What is yet to come? Is ISO45003 helping guide us and more!!

Ask the panel a question below to have it answered on the day!

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Workplace Design

Sara Pazell is the Managing Director of ViVA health at work

A session designed to dive into work systems analysis and work/human interface design. We discuss analysis of task requirements and knowledge of human performance to get to a point we can provide for the best possible work conditions (productive & healthful). 

This session is aimed to bring the latest data and information to your workplace on human and system design.

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Panel - The future of work

Jessica Bilston is the Founder and Director of Positive HR. Jessica is a known for her innovative approach to people solutions and offers HR Solutions with passion!

Chandra Clements is the Managing Director of One Legacy and has been coaching senior health and safety leaders through the complexity of the last two years (and more)!

Nicola Knobel is a Principal Advisor at WorkSafe New Zealand is passionate about innovation and creativity to bring safe outcomes.

This panel is a really open discussion on the trends globally on the future of work and how we as safety professionals need to address some of the risks associated with this ‘new way of working’ long term!

Ask the panel a question below to have it answered on the day!

2022 Award Ceremony

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The end of the Summit is when the FUN really kicks in! We will be live streaming the awards ceremony to announce the WINNERS of the FIRST Women in Safety Awards!

Join us!



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