Thank you 2016!!

Well 2016 - you had some CRAZY moments!

This time last year I had been made redundant from a fantastic projects team, as the entire project got a big red button put on it. We did see it coming, but it never makes it easier knowing you will be finishing against your will. From there, and the 12 months post that day, so much has changed.

I wanted to share just some of the highlights and lowlights of 2016 as it serves as a reminder to myself and what might 2017 hold for me, Women in Safety and the broader safety industry (in my opinion):

The start of the year was a scary moment, when will I get a job! Despite great networks, January 3rd was always going to be a tough time searching for a job. I was on a lot of trains to the city to meet up with recruiters, colleagues and industry professionals to try and understand the market and where did I fit into that market.

Along that journey I was fortunate enough to meet Dr Catherine Ball (not related)! Catherine opened my eyes to prioritising my life during this turbulent period and treating my job search as my full time job. Setting a schedule certainly kept me sane. Cath also taught me to read – not from a book store – from the LIBRARY! I stopped purchasing books and signed up to my local library. Simple pleasures! Since meeting Cath, she has continued to inspire me all year with so many fun projects, achievements and moments! Thanks Cath for making such an imprint on 2016.

February rolled around quickly and I got a job! I started with Energy Developments on a 6 week contract, 10 months later and I am still here (one slight desk move later). It has been a challenging year whilst new owners of the business settled in, and more recently a new CEO. Energy Developments (EDL) also introduced me to my safety soul sister! Some people cross your professional and personal life for a reason, and Victoria has taught me so much this year. Thanks Vic!

Early on in the year we had the first of four events for Women in Safety. Lea Slade, someone who has been in my professional life for over 10 years was our guest speaker. Now the General Manager for Health and Safety at Murphy Pipe and Civil, Lea entertained the audience with the ups and downs of her own stella career. Lea – always a pleasure and great to see you attending other events this year!