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Let's uncomplicate prescription safety glasses!

I recently had a chat with Emma Richards, Founder at Safety Glasses Online. She wrote a really great article for us to share on safety glasses and untangling some of the mess! Check it out below!!!


Prescription safety glasses can be the bane of your existence if you work in the safety industry. From non-compliance of wearing them, incorrect fitting, financial costs and much more! So much so that many companies just supply safety over specs, as they do not wish to have the financial outlay incurred from providing certified prescription safety glasses, or they find the whole ordering process too difficult.

Disadvantages of wearing safety over specs include them being bulky, fogging up of lenses, an extra lens to look through (which may not be clear), increased weight on the wearers nose which adds to discomfort and we all know that compliance decreases significantly with discomfort.

The benefits of supplying prescription safety glasses to your staff include increased compliance, due to improved comfort, function and style. Better visual clarity which has the flow on effect of increasing productivity and decreased accident rates observed that can result from poor vision.

So how do we make it easy? Here are some easy tips and tricks that might help.

  • Outsource your prescription safety glasses to a supplier, for example Safety Glasses Online.

  • Choose a provider who can simplify your ordering and unjumble the jargon of prescriptions. You just don’t need to know it.

  • Make sure your own system is clear - are you going to purchase on behalf of your employee, or will you reimburse them for their out-of-pocket expenses?

  • Check out my YouTube video on understanding the components of a prescriptions

  • Put reminders in your system to follow up. Optical prescriptions are only valid for 2 years and occasionally patients find that their prescription can change within that time. Therefore, prescription safety glasses should be updated at least every 24 months or within that time if there is a significant change in the prescription or the lenses are no longer clear enough to look through.

Questions you can ask your providers so you know you are getting the best value for money and service:

  • Do you have an optometrist on board? This will help in the event you need a prescription explained to you.

  • What is your policy on remake? This will help you understand what happens when/if they make the wrong prescription.

  • Do you have any references from customers that we can talk to?

  • What is your warranty policy?

  • Have you been reviewed on Google?

  • What do you supply with your prescription safety glasses? Case, cleaning cloth?

  • How many different styles of safety frames do you have to choose from?

  • Are your glasses made in Australia? As those made overseas may take much longer to be created and remade if needed.

  • Is your business Australian owned and operated?

  • Can you claim through your health fund?

I hope that by untangling some of the mess from buying prescription safety glasses, we can all help reduce eye injuries. Let's face it, eye injuries cost the individual, business, and government large sums of money. Around seven in every 1000 workers sustain an eye injury every year, equating to as many as 50000 eye injuries at around a cost of $60 million.


To get in touch with Emma and her services, you can contact her on LinkedIn or head to her business page Safety Glasses Online.


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