Care Factor Program - Chatting with Clive

I recently had a chat to Clive Lloyd who wanted to share some information about the program they developed and released around Organisational cultural development.

Here is what he had to say...

Clive, the program has a catchy name, but if someone asked you what you love about the program, what would it be?

I love that much of the post-program feedback we get is not even about work - its about how people have taken the psychological tools home with them and used them with their partners and children. I recently had an email from the wife of a participant who asked “what did you do to my husband!?” - He was now reading stories to his kids every night and generally being much more proactive as a parent and partner - we also get people who call/email us about wanting to follow up on mental health challenges that (prior to the program) they had not previously spoken about - hence we have a network of professionals we refer them to. Of course, I also love the positive gains our clients see in terms of the increasing psychological safety in their companies - the gains go far beyond injury rates.

I love that! We know the boundary between work life and home life is getting smaller and smaller and therefore the stress we have at home or at work can mesh between both. Great feedback!

What’s your biggest #safetysuccess with clients so far? We have many examples in Australia and overseas, however, if I was forced to choose one, it would be a Chinese company doing prefab work for a global oil and gas Client. They had some safety challenges, and were far less mature in their safety processes and culture than Australian companies (for example, speaking up, intervening or reporting was seen as culturally inappropriate). We customised a Care Factor Program, and worked with translators to deliver the tailored program across leadership and crews. This was followed by coaching for leaders to embed the new skills, and the formation (among the crews) of a “Champions” group. Safety performance (as measured by standard indicators) was greatly improved, and the overall company culture was transformed. While this is commonplace within our Australian clients, to get such dramatic results with the associated cross-cultural challenges, translated programs (etc) was really special (note: A conference paper on this program is available to the interested reader if they get in touch with me).