In conversation...with Amanda Blesing

This week I caught up with Amanda Blesing, Founder of “The Ambition Revolution, the art and science of amping smart ‘n savvy”. Some of you saw Amanda speak in Sydney in 2017 at one of our events on the topic of “confidence v’s competence – which is more important for career success?” I for one struggle with the new year and setting goals - particularly around career success. So, I asked Amanda a couple of questions to get her insights for career success for 2018. Can you tell us about your 2018 focus in particular for the readers who haven’t met you? Nothing specific has changed in 2018. I’m continuing my work with smart ’n savvy executive women who are newer to leadership roles, or leadin

Bullyology – ‘I'm not just a pretty face’

In the workplace, Jessica was a Safety champion, she gained multiple awards and recognition for her work, including the Minister for Territory Families Excellence in Youth Leadership and Exceptional Woman in resources. Behind the scenes Jessica was suffering from extensive workplace bullying for two reasons: 1. Her female gender (in a male-dominated environment) 2. She championed Equality (Advocate of freedom of speech) For 3 years she worked at the front line of damage control, in a workplace with a toxic culture which was created by poor leadership. Despite her personal suffering, Jessica worked rigorously to create a positive, empowering workplace culture, masking the toxic leadership beh

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