Thank you 2016!!

Well 2016 - you had some CRAZY moments! This time last year I had been made redundant from a fantastic projects team, as the entire project got a big red button put on it. We did see it coming, but it never makes it easier knowing you will be finishing against your will. From there, and the 12 months post that day, so much has changed. I wanted to share just some of the highlights and lowlights of 2016 as it serves as a reminder to myself and what might 2017 hold for me, Women in Safety and the broader safety industry (in my opinion): The start of the year was a scary moment, when will I get a job! Despite great networks, January 3rd was always going to be a tough time searching for a job. I

Why I Support Women in Safety

Unashamedly I’m a typical ‘daughter affect’ man and to be honest, I’m late to the party on diversity & inclusion, which makes me disappointed in myself and the lost opportunity of being a more inclusive leader. Upon reflection and upon writing in a public forum I fully appreciate how untenable this is. I know there will be other men reading this and thinking the same thoughts I used to ‘There is so much information & content out there in relation to diversity and gender equality in the workplace - Its daunting, I don’t know where to start reading - let alone doing, I’m not a women, I don’t know enough to make a difference etc etc. Time to get off the fence, and stop letting someone else do

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