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Stress, Silly Season and Meditation!

Now, we all know I am not a scientist or expert on our bodies. However, I do know one thing – the silly season has begun and can be a stressful time for many. Stress causes so many reactions in our bodies and quite often we do not realise the symptoms of that stress. Some of us wear that stress outwardly and some of us inwardly – yet our bodies will still go through a chemical reaction to try and mitigate that stress.

Whether you are a safety professional or not, it is important to share the knowledge of how that stress might impact us over the silly season. I know for me, I start to get run down, and my immunity drops. I have increased my fresh air and sunshine for Vitamin D, and supplements to try keep my stress mitigation intact. No one is immune from stress. We just need to determine when it is good stress or bad stress.

Good stress helps us perform and be alert at times when we need it, but quite the opposite if it is bad, or sustained levels of stress. During peak periods – like the fun, yet hectic silly season – we may start to see sustained levels of stress as we try to catch up with everyone, maintain our high workload, sleep less due to celebrations, and drink far too many margaritas (or is that just me)?

As I said, I am no expert, however recognise my own stressors and how my body starts to feel at this manic time of year. I wanted to share some basic tips that I have learnt along the way that may help combat any sustained stress (or at least how to mitigate it until it slows down).

Take them or leave them, but I implore you to find your own ways to battle it (perhaps not always found at the bottom of the bottle) this silly season. That way, come 2017 we can all perform to our best!!

Alanna's top tips this silly season -

1 – Exercise regularly. This is something I do try to live by. I struggle with it, but believe discipline is better than motivation at this time of year.

2 – Sleep. I write this to you all after a very busy weekend and less sleep. Going to make mitigating stressors harder and make my body work hard this week. Early to bed tonight to repair!

3 – Eating Well. *whilst scoffing down a rum ball with no rum*. Eating well can be a huge challenge but the experts will tell us that fuelling our body will help keep our cells healthy and an ability to keep our immunity in tact whilst we lack on the exercise and sleep.

4 – Relax. I recently took up doing some guided meditation and find it helps A LOT. I only do 15-20 minutes a couple of times a week and I always feel it resets my thought patterns. If all else – get out in the sunshine for 10minutes.

5 - Stay hydrated. For most of us here in Australia, the temps rise and the sweat pours off us! Staying hydrated helps our stressed out cells. Start sipping - water not wine - for now.

I will leave you with them, but please get in touch with your thoughts, your tactics to combat this silly season. Stress less, celebrate the simple things and be refreshed heading to 2017!

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