Why I Support Women in Safety

Unashamedly I’m a typical ‘daughter affect’ man and to be honest, I’m late to the party on diversity & inclusion, which makes me disappointed in myself and the lost opportunity of being a more inclusive leader. Upon reflection and upon writing in a public forum I fully appreciate how untenable this is. I know there will be other men reading this and thinking the same thoughts I used to ‘There is so much information & content out there in relation to diversity and gender equality in the workplace - Its daunting, I don’t know where to start reading - let alone doing, I’m not a women, I don’t know enough to make a difference etc etc. Time to get off the fence, and stop letting someone else do it; It's not enough to support diversity in silence.

Also to be very clear, I’m caucasian and a university educated male who is 6’3 - I’m the epitome of privilege and I also acknowledge that like a fish, typically I am biased to not knowing that I am swimming in water (privilege). But only dead fish swim with the current, and having a nine year old daughter (soon to be 10!) only amplifies this fact to me.

Below are some key reasons I support Alanna & ‘Women in Safety’:

  • Our workforce is changing and it's become more diverse; choose whichever labels you like to measure it by. If we as an industry want to be influential in shaping the present and future how can we do so by being largely male, narrowly educated in technique and over 35? (that's my personal observation from my years in the industry).

  • I want people & teams to build trust and partner with culturally diverse individuals through respect, dialogue, cooperation, appropriate and effective consultation and communication - this can only be aided by recruiting and attracting diversity into teams and our industry, something which Women in Safety can promote and assist plug the leaky pipeline through peer support.

  • Lack of diversity is a business problem, no individual can solve this wicked problem of primarily not encouraging half of the population’s talent. Research suggests diverse teams make better decisions and, ultimately, enable higher financial performance.

  • I don’t believe that any leader can ignore the body of research and value that diverse teams bring to the table, it's in the same basket as treating evolution as a theory as far as I am concerned.

  • I also acknowledge that things change only through a committed community alig