"I didn't know me as well as I thought" - a road map from being made redundant

A month ago, things changed - I was made redundant.

I’d been with the company for 17 years, having started as a Senior Adviser and having finished as a National Manager and in that time, I’d become very converse with a lot of topics (safety, environment, quality, risk, HR etc etc.) and honed my craft.

I had always thought that I’d leave on my terms when the time was right. Guess I got that one wrong!

No point in asking “why me”. No point in thinking “if only”.

So here I am….an educated, well experienced senior level manager…and I’m discovering:

  • That I didn’t know me as well as I thought that I did.

  • That in my frenetic world, I hadn’t taken time to connect to others as much as I should have.

  • That despite my wealth of knowledge, there is so much more information out there and I didn’t take enough time out to discover it.

  • That I need to “brand” me – not just my resume, but my attitude, poise and demeanour.

  • That it’s okay to take “me” time and not feel guilty about not having finished something that wasn’t due for another week anyway.

  • That there are so many good people out there willing to share their knowledge, their experiences and their time.

  • That I need to develop some form of patience …. this one’s going