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The Journey, Sydney and more!

You know, I started Women in Safety without a lot of thought. I was young, excited and keen to connect with you all, I just didn't know how much it would mean to myself, and to all of you, to have the connections and conversations.

Today has marked a huge milestone for me and the Women in Safety brand. I am writing to you from my peaceful, inspiring and safe place of my home office. I took a leap to trial working part time in my day job so I could plan more and bring more content to my members. My members - all 837 of you! This number jumps up every week and more connections meet and chat all from a small idea a few years ago.

Next week Women in Safety takes on Sydney for the first time. If you told me this would be possible two years ago, I'd have laughed at you. We have some of the great leaders of Safety speaking at the event....people who I value and support whole heartedly in their journey, their message and profession.

Amy McKie from Ernst & Young is our guest speaker. Amy is a powerhouse and she might face palm that I have just told you all that she is a powerhouse! Never underestimate Amy! Amy is so passionate about our great profession and will offer support wherever she can. EY recently released a paper which some may consider 'controversial' when it comes to conventional safety. It challenges what we have known for so many years and I think - ABOUT TIME!

I also managed to sneak in Kelly Lovely and Sarah-Jayne Dunford to give us their 'Take 2' for safety....bring it on! Can I stop them chatting in two minutes or less? What a challenge!

What is my biggest learning to date? Less haste. I want it all now, and I want it to grow so fast, but I have to take days like today to do my planning, to sense check what I am doing and to make the right decisions in due time. Considered, risk assessed decisions!

I also wish at times that the big businesses understood that it is just me, not a team, not advisors...just me. Partly due to my own inability to hand things over! *sigh*

Where to next? We are heading to Melbourne hopefully in the new year. We have our final Brisbane event for the year in November with a very key player in our industry. Just released is our offer to members to RPL their Cert IV, Dip and Adv Dip in Work Health and Safety. I love that we can offer our members an education piece. Recruitment is on the radar to get you the most up to date jobs, the right connections and the help with CV's, cover letters and who is moving where in industry. We have sponsors coming on board regularly to offer some really cool discounts and products.

If you want to be a sponsor flick me an email - - we are always looking to offer our members more.

Am I excited by the future? Yes. Does it scare me? Yes! But I am ready to take on the challenge and keep our network engaged, growing and busting through the diversity issues we have so commonly seen in this field!


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