Guest Blog - Ignorance is Bliss

Although Drewie and I have never met, her passion and drive in our industry has lead us to ‘know’ each other. She speaks from her heart and comes with some fairly strict warnings… perhaps M rated!

Warning: ”Some of my posts from here on in may disturb some viewers. Names of people and places have been changed or omitted to protect their identity. There may be offensive language. Mild language is acceptable and will be included in its entirety. There may be any or all of the following:

  • Broad generalisations.

  • Statements deemed ‘not politically correct’.

  • Brutal facts, home truths some viewers may not want to hear.

All views expressed in my posts are mine only and are not a reflection on any company or client past or present that I am or will be affiliated with. The ‘data’ here (insert opinions) has been accumulated over 3 decades of personal on site experience and every story, scenario or recollection is true, not a ‘fictitious story’ to add value as has been suggested in the past. Truth is stranger than fiction.

If you the reader are not willing to accept the above please abandon your desire to carry on reading. If you decide to carry on reading and are then offended, tuff sh#t you were warned so do not come crying to me after the fact. Regular readers, this warning shall remain at the start of all of my posts on this forum, just skip it and hook in to main piece.

PS I know it is the wrong ‘tuff’ that may happen too.” Hard Hat Mentor

“Women's beliefs about their capabilities and their career aspirations are shaped by undermining social practices within the family, the educational system, peer relationships, the mass media, the occupational system, and the culture at large”