In Conversation with....Leanne Drew aka Mad Mumzie

I wanted to do a blog and have a chat with Leanne with a number of reasons.

A safety professional will likely have a similar view on the world and how we conduct ourselves, but Leanne is a hard working miner who has been generous in sitting down and giving us some of her insights. I hope you all can take as much out of it as I did and continue to improve our skills as safety professionals!

Thanks Leanne for being so open, honest and frank. Here is our chat below.


Leanne, you are proud to be a woman working hard in a male dominated industry, paving the way and helping newcomers - what tips can you give others who might be starting out in male dominant industries?

Stay true to yourself and your core values. It’s important to be and act in a way that suits you and your style.

Don’t take everything personally. There will be a lot of joking and stirring on crew. It helps us get through long hours and hanging out with the same bunch of people day in day out. There are lines of course that are not to be crossed but have a little fun on your journey.

Not everyone will like you and that’s ok. I go by the 80/20 rule. 80 percent will love me, and 20 percent will think I’m a freak. When I come across someone being a bit nasty or rude, I smile internally and say…” hah! 20 percenter” and walk away. That changed my whole outlook when changing sites, new crews and finally coming out as my brand-Mad Mumzie.

Be gentle on yourself. We can be our own worse enemies!