Recruitment Trends with Danielle

Thanks for joining us in our first chat of 2019! Today we are chatting with Danielle Van Velthuizen from our one of the Women in Safety wonderful sponsors U&U Recruitment Partners. We chatted to her late 2018 at our event, but thought, let's bring the chat back to kick us off for 2019 and reach a wider audience.

Tell us about U&U Recruitment Partners and their unique approach to partnering with employers and candidates?

u&u Recruitment Partners started in 2010 when our Directors who had worked in large global corporates decided to create something that was agile and more tailored, only hiring Senior Consultants with a deep dive specialty in their markets to really add value to clients and candidates. As a result, the business is based on a high level of experience and strong connections and relationships.

You specialise in HR and Work Health and Safety, what do you see the trends (for both) this year?

The trends I see this year will really be continuing from 2018 – a further lift in safety contract roles to assist with audits of systems, coverage of long term leave, and volumes in injury management cases. In terms of industry, I see the mining industry picking up further, with a steady job flow in health care, aged care and not for profit industries.

Women in Safety members are often chatting about the benefits of LinkedIn and whether people really get jobs from it. Is this something you check?

Absolutely! I run a Linkedin search on key words, companies and job titles for most roles that I run and proactively reach out to candidates through this network. I recommend my candidates to develop a Linkedin profile that is similar to what their resume would look like with as much information populated as possible – the more information in there, the more their profiles will come up in searches.

If you are looking at resumes, what is something that makes a candidate stand out?

I know this sounds really small, b